Family law

Divorce is often a highly stressful situation, especially when couples having minor children are divorcing. Likewise, the settlement of property belonging to so-called ‘undivided co-ownership of spouses’ (UCS) is connected with divorce, which, in addition to the regulation of parental rights and obligations to children, may represent another significant subject of disagreement between spouses that are considering divorce or undergoing divorce proceedings.

Do not rely on anonymous legal counselling on the Internet or lifestyle articles in magazines and newspapers to find answers to questions related to divorce, especially if you cannot agree on the basic matters with your partner (as to who should be granted the custody of children, the amount of maintenance or compensation when settling the marital property). But bear in mind that in each case there are specific circumstances that the court will ultimately have to consider and that may have a significant impact on the decision. Remember the principle already valid in Ancient Rome “Vigilantibus iura scripta sunt”, i.e. the laws serve the vigilant (attentive) and consult a lawyer before it is too late. Only a lawyer who is familiar with the legislation and case-law of courts can, based on information you provide, give you the right advice and recommend appropriate action in exercising your rights.

One of our law firm’s specialisations is also family law, so if you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Bratislava, please feel free to contact us at any time and arrange a consultation.

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